Harvey Elliott opens up on his amazing time at Liverpool

Harvey Elliott

Harvey Elliott on the League Cup final, Jersey number and his injury

Harvey Elliott on the League Cup final
“To see Trent and Havertz square up – you’ve just got to back your teammates at the end of the day. You’re there and you fight with them. You see them every single day.”

Elliott : “I probably spend more time with them than I do with my family. For me we’re brothers, we all fight for each other. If someone’s suffering, we’re all suffering, especially in a cup final. You need that passion and hunger, even to get the fans going.”
Elliott : “The fans need to see that you’re fighting for the team and are wanting to win. That thing with Havertz was just the heat of the moment; emotions were high for both teams as we both wanted to win.”
Elliott : “Then obviously the penalty shootout came and that’s when you let it all out. You let all yourd emotions out: you let out your anger, your passion, determination and desire to win.”

Harvey Elliott on why he wears the number 67
“I used to love players who wore the number 7 when I was a kid – Luis Suarez, people like that. I used to have my own shirt with 7 on the back.”
Elliott : “When when you sign at such a young age you don’t really get to pick from the lower numbers. 67 was just the next one available with 7 in it, so I thought, yeah, why not.”
Elliott : “At the same time I thought because I was kind of playing on the right wing, and to have Trent as 66 then me as 67, I thought it looked quite good.”

Harvey Elliott on his injury
“It was hard, but I used it as something to improve on. For me, because I’m quite small I need to use my body a lot more, so I though it as an opportunity to do some gym work in terms of muscle building.” #awlive [soccer bible]
Elliott : “It was an opportunity to come back feeling fresh and able to hold my own still and be confident in my body.”
Elliott : “In the legs, arms and upper body. Just things I probably wasn’t focussing on when I was playing, just because you’re playing week in, week out and you don’t have that much time to chill and recover.”

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