Harry Styles in My Policeman

Harry Styles in My Policeman

Actor Harry Styles is becoming the king of the mid-century period movie. Following his acting debut in Dunkirk, the singer-songwriter recently landed a role opposite Florence Pugh in Don’t Worry Darling. Now, the singer-songwriter is set to star in Michael Grandage’s My Policeman, a drama about a closeted police officer in the 1950s. Recently, the film’s new stills were released, and we’ve got a better look at the actor’s performance in it.

Emma Corrin

The first stills from the upcoming movie My Policeman have been released by Amazon, a streaming service. The movie is based on the novel of the same name by Bethan Roberts and stars Harry Styles and Emma Corrin. The film is a drama about forbidden love set in 1950s Britain, which also stars David Dawson. The trailer below reveals the story’s plot. The film also stars Emma Corrin and David Dawson.

The production’s creative team was impressed with Corrin’s performance in Philadelphia, and they are enjoying themselves on the set. The two stars are clearly having a blast on the set. In fact, they have so much fun together on the set, you can almost feel their excitement. As a result, the show looks like it will be an Oscar-winning success. But who can blame the production’s creators for making Corrin such an appealing character?

The first two stills of the film were released by Amazon. The first featured Styles and Corrin as Tom and Marion, while the second showed them in a pool with Patrick. The two portrayed the characters with a great deal of chemistry, and they certainly look good together. Hopefully, the film will be as popular as the book. There is even a sequel to this romantic drama, which will be a hit in the US.

David Dawson

The actor and singer recently announced his next movie My Policeman. After starring in Dunkirk and wrapping up a film called Don’t Worry Darling, he’s now working on a new movie titled My Policeman. The film will debut in cinemas on October 21 and will be available for streaming on November 4. In the meantime, you can check out two new stills, featuring Styles and Emma Corrin.

The film follows Tom Styles as a gay policeman named Tom. He has a love interest in Patrick, played by David Dawson. The two of them are in a relationship, though Tom is already married to Marion. When the two meet again 40 years later, Patrick (David Dawson) shows up at his house and sparks begin to fly. But, will they be able to save their relationship?

Love Triangle tells the story of a queer English love triangle during the time when homosexuality was illegal. The film also features British actor David Dawson as Styles’ male love interest. The film is based on the popular novel by Bethan Roberts, which tells the story of a love triangle in the English countryside during a time when queer identity was criminalized. The movie has earned critical acclaim for its portrayal of queer life.

The film’s cast includes an array of notable actors. Styles has previously starred in the 2017 Dunkirk film, as well as in the acclaimed Downton Abbey television series. Emma Corrin, meanwhile, has appeared in Phantom Thread and Vikings, and David Dawson has starred in Ripper Street and Another Country. The 2014 novel was inspired by the novel by E.M. Forster.

The film’s casting of a gay man could detract from the film’s other cast members. While the cast is largely heterosexual, it does have one openly gay actor in its core cast: actor Graham Everett. As a result, some critics have questioned the movie’s commitment to LGBT representation. As a gay man, Styles has had several relationships, but has not yet declared his sexuality definitively.

Harry Styles

Fans of the British singer-songwriter Harry Styles are going to be excited to watch his new movie, My Policeman, which is based on a book by Bethan Roberts. This movie is set in the 1950s and the 1990s, and Harry Styles plays a young Tom. Linus Roache plays his older counterpart. Although the star has not revealed much about the movie, he has already impressed film industry veterans with his performance.

The director of My Policeman admits that Harry Styles was not his first choice for the role. In fact, his team actually approached him, and he landed the role. Styles is also starring in the film, alongside Emma Corrin and David Dawson. The film is set to be released in limited release on October 21. You can stream it on Amazon Prime Video starting on November 4.

My Policeman is an upcoming romantic drama directed by Michael Grandage and based on the novel by Bethan Roberts. The movie tells the story of a policeman named Tom, who falls in love with a schoolteacher named Marion. Tom then becomes involved in a secret affair with a museum curator named Patrick. But the attraction between the two ends up changing everything, and Tom and Marion find themselves reunited decades later. During the time, Patrick and Marion are reunited, and sparks are ignited from their years apart.

Bethan Roberts

Amazon has just released the first pictures of My Policeman, an upcoming drama based on Bethan Roberts’ acclaimed novel. It stars Harry Styles, Emma Corrin and David Dawson. The film is directed by Michael Grandage. Co-producers are Sarah Schechter, Greg Berlanti and Cora Palfrey. Producer Michael Riley McGrath is the executive producer. The film will be available on Amazon on October 21.

The actress Emma Corrin and Harry Styles posed on the set of upcoming movie “My Policeman.” The film is based on the 2012 novel by Bethan Roberts. The two have already been photographed hanging out in a pool with wet hair. However, the actors did not reveal the purpose of their trip. The two are apparently filming a scene for the film. The cast of “My Policeman” includes David Dawson and Emma Corrin.

In addition to Emma Corrin and David Dawson, Harry Styles has landed a lead role in a new movie based on the popular bestselling novel My Policeman by Bethan Roberts. The film is set in the 1950s in Brighton and stars Harry Styles as Tom Burgess, a gay policeman. The story revolves around a relationship between a gay policeman and a museum curator.

“My Policeman” is a historical romance that explores the relationship between a man and his secret lover. Bethan Roberts’ historical research and period slang provide rich details for readers. The story explores the harsh realities of gay life in mid-century Brighton and the contingencies men made to keep their relationships safe. The friendship between Tom and Patrick is an example of this. Though Patrick is an educated museum curator, his life attracts Marion and Tom.

The film is divided into two timelines, one in 1957 and the other in 2019. In the first timeline, Tom Burgess is a closed-minded policeman in Brighton who marries Marion to act normal. However, he is secretly in love with the museum curator Patrick. His marriage to Marion is disrupted when Marion suffers a stroke. As a result, the two must take in Patrick, a disabled museum curator.


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