Hajia4Real’s PRO Fumes At The Media For Publicizing Bogus News About Her

The Public Relations Officer of Ghanaian singer, Mona Faiz Montrage, prominently known as Hajia4Real, is infuriated with the media for connecting his client’s capture to fraudulent behavior.

Blogger GhHyper, known as Stephen Mingle from his birth name, who is accepted to be the Public Relations Officer of Hajia4Real, is distraught about the manner in which the arrest of her client was publicized.

As indicated by GhHyper, the media excercised no patience at all, in terms of verifying their story, and hence, published misleading news about his client without confirmation of it’s veracity.


Stephen stated that critics of Hajia4Real who celebrated about the mere insight of her capture, ought to halt their serial act of jubilation.

He asserted that the reports of Mona being captured for $8 Million extortion is a grave error, and that Mona will in due time, address the media.

Mr Mingle asked fanatics of the vocalist to excite themselves in light of the fact that there’s no legal charges levelled against their role model.

Mona was purportedly captured by UK law enforcement agents on the 11th of November, 2022, on her trip back to Ghana.

She was in the United Kingdom to perform at the recently concluded Ghana Music Awards UK.

As per the coordinators of the show who affirmed her capture, it was absolutely unclear, the reasoning behind the capture.

Notwithstanding, news causing a ruckus via social media, alleged that Hajia was captured for an $8 Million fraud case.

The act of extortion was said to have been committed in America before she left for UK.

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