Hajia4Real Allegedly Released – Personal Blogger Discloses

Hajia4Real’s personally retained blogger, has implied that the female social media influencer, has at long last been set free, subsequent to having herself entangled in legal webs of scandal, hence, spending about seven days in the holds of the UK police.

Only a couple of days prior, the official blogger of the vocalist hinted that a fake individual took advantage of Hajia4Real’s photographs on the internet to fictitiously lure in a victim.


He encouraged Ghanaians to continue supporting the now talked about influencer, who happens to be a mother of one, by remembering her consistently in their prayer endeavors, since her legal counselors are energetically doing their best to get her out of this legal tunnel.

A new update from GH Hyper’s camp, indicates that the ‘Fine Girl’ crooner has been set free.

In a post shared on his IG page, he shared emojis with laugh-inducing characters, including that of an plane with the caption ‘Atanfo nye Nyame.’

It would be a huge relief if the recent development concerning the renowned singer is in fact credible, on the basis that it will undoubtedly ease all tension centered in the minds of worried admirers and fans across the space of the internet.

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