Hajia 4 Real Seen Shopping In The UK After Her Release – Store Owner Confirms

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Trending Ghanaian socialite turned musician, Mona Faiz Montrage, prominently known as Hajia 4 Real, has allegedly been seen in London, shopping again after being released from custody.

As per a social media user who claims to work in a Zara shop in London, Hajia 4 Real entered the shop, seeming to affirm that she has been released from custody after her capture.

The inquisitive social media observer wrote, “I just saw Hajia 4 Real in my store. OMG. She looks sooo different with no makeup. She tried to hide her face [but] I knew it was her.”

Hajia4Real allegedly goes shopping after her release.

The social media influencer is obviously held back in the United Kingdom, unfit to return back to Ghana.

Her representative, blogger GhHyper claims that she isn’t prepared to return since she’s been traumatized by the entire experience.

It should be clearly noted that there is the fundamental possibility that her passport has been seized and she can’t leave the UK yet until her case is officially settled.

Hajia 4 Real was captured in the United Kingdom half a month prior, after she visited the country for the Ghana Music Awards UK and chose to not return back to Ghana afterwards.

She remained behind for couple of months doing nothing exceptionally significant, except having a great time, and shopping until she was inevitably apprehended.

Reports indicate she was arrested in view of violating legal parameters, resulting to her warranted capture, as her offence took place in the US, however, Hajia and her public relations team deny she was associated with fraud.

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