Gyakie Celebrates Samini On Apple Music Platform With An Aesthetic Cover Artwork Of His Mega Hit Song

Ghanaian female artist and singer, Gyakie, has excited Apple Music audience with a deep and acoustic exhibition of tunes on her most recent music collection. The Ghanaian singer, likewise did a front cover art of Samini’s classic hit song, “Where My Baby Dey” via Apple Music’s Home Column.

Gyakie & Samini.

Her addition to Apple Music’s Home Column Session, underscores her as the topmost Ghanaian artist to make a highlight on the music medium.

Jackline Acheampong, referred to in the showbiz world as Gyakie, has marked yet another height on her list of first ever achievement records. As well as being the primary Ghanaian female artist to win “The Headies” and perform at the Global Citizen Festival, Gyakie has headlined another record.

The female vocalist impacted the world forever as the first Ghanaian to highlight on Apple Music’s Home Column, a presentation series which came into inception during the worldwide lockdown era in 2020.

Alongside renditioning a version of one of their main tunes, the series sees different musicians record free track samples of their greatest hits.

Gyakie played three tracks from her latest EP project, “My Diary”, during her space time. She played out the Highlife ditty “For My Baby,” a Reggae version of “Far Away,” and transformed “Waka Waka” into a charging Rock cover work.


Honoring one of her melodic impacts, Gyakie renditioned an impeccable version of the popular “Where My Baby Dey” by Ghanaian Reggae/Dancehall entertainer, Samini, previously known as Batman Samini.

“These songs are special to me because of how soulful they are.” Gyakie educated Apple Music regarding her melody choice. Gyakie additionally addressed the impact of the lockdown mandate during the era of the Covid pandemic.

She uncovered she quickly jumped all over the chance to work on her penning ability, recording and her art all in all. She additionally noted that, “Lockdown taught me to work twice as much as usual. I also tapped into different to broaden my creativity. I learned to believe in my sound more and work expeditiously.”

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