Guru’s New Single ‘Enko Yie’, Stirs Mixed Reactions Amidst Music Lovers And Critics

Ghanaian contemporary hitmaking artist, Maradona Yeboah Adjei, known widely in the music industry as Guru, has released a recent track, that has the potential of becoming a mega banger, given the direction and angle of the song’s primary message.

Ghanaian artist, Guru.

Upon the release of his current single, various music lovers have already bagan sharing their views and reactions over the lyrical craftiness of the song, and what the known hitmaking artist, hopes to accomplish this time around, with the content message of the song, seeing as it aims to touch on a critical national issue, currently plummeting the country’s developmental drive.

The song, entitled “Enko Yie,” is as of now, an inspirational song that is engendered towards motivating capable individuals, with the resilience and resolution to survive and strive, especially during these trying times, as the means of survival rate, have become remotely unbearable.

Regardless of the way that he explicitly recognizes no ideological groups in the song, there are other people who feel that the ‘Lapaz Toyota’ hitmaker, may have written the song as a way of addressing the incumbent administration in power, in response to the detrimental state of the country’s current economic dispensation.

However, Guru’s inability to make “Enko Yie”, a stringently political song to slam the incumbent government in authority, has gotten Ruthy, a showbiz pundit based in Nhyira FMs radio station, talking, as she feels that Guru, has ruined his greatest opportunity to restore back his professional career.


As indicated by Ruthy, Guru ought to have been challenging Akufo Addo’s administration, given the fact that every single musician in the country, particularly Sarkodie, has neglected to do a political song since Akufo Addo took the ranks of the presidency, for apparent reasons.

Ruthy, on that note, communicated her dismay in Guru, for making the song in a heartfelt manner, rather than political, albeit the verses of “Enko Yie”, clearly portrays the ongoing series of difficulties facing the country.

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