God of War Ragnarök: All Hel Tear Locations

God of War Ragnarök: All Hel Tear Locations

God of War Ragnarök is home to a variety of collectibles and other discoveries to be discovered as you progress through the game. Hel Tears is among those on the list. No, not your tears, but actual tears in the Nine Realms. They’re allowing Hel-walkers, Kratos and Atreus’ enemies, to roam freely and cause havoc wherever they go.

This Favor requires you to run around all of the realms, closing the six Hel Tears that have ripped the landscape apart. When you close a Hel Tear, you’ll receive six Frozen Sparks, which you can later combine into a Frozen Flame once the Favor is completed. The Frozen Flame can then be used to upgrade Kratos’ powerful Leviathan Axe at a forge.

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Hel Tears may appear difficult to close, but they’re more akin to long “gates” between areas that won’t close until all enemies from within are defeated. Typically, Atreus will begin sealing a Tear while you (as Kratos) fight Hel-walkers in Horde-style battles. It may take some time, but once you have defeated all of the enemies and the countdown has reached zero, the Hel Tear will close.

But where are the Hel Tears, and how do you find them? That part may take some time. Fortunately, you have us to assist you. On your journey through God of War Ragnarök, look for all six Hel Tears.

All Hel Tear Locations in God of War Ragnarök

1. Sindri’s House

All six Hel Tear locations can be found throughout the Nine Realms, but the first one is the simplest. Start at Sindri’s House in Niflheim, and it will close automatically. That means your job is one-fifth done already.

2. Helheim – The Gleaming Bale

Head to Helheim and journey below the Docks of Vadgelmir until you reach the Shipyard of the Fallen. Make your way through Helgrind and into The Gleaming Bale. Look westward on your map near the very bottom of The Gleaming Bale close to the water and you’ll find your Hel Tear there.

3. Svartalfheim – Aurvangar Wetlands

Make your way to Svartalfheim and traverse the Aurvangar Wetlands. Check your map and make sure you move down toward about the middle of the Wetlands where you can see a bit of a protrusion on the map. Search around this island-esque area for a Hel Tear to close.

4. Alfheim – The Strond

Before you reach The Canyons in Alfheim, check around the exterior area in The Strond that looks like a giraffe head on your map. You should find a Hel Tear here centrally located before you head off into the waterlogged areas below that.

5. Vanaheim – The Southern Wilds

Reach Vanaheim and open your map to see where you are in The Southern Wilds when you reach it. Look toward the bottom of the map where The Veiled Passage is. You’ll know you’re in the right place when you’re right in between The Southern Wilds and The Veiled Passage. Search here for a Hel Tear.


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