[VIDEO] Ghanaian Nurse Cries Uncontrollably As She Begs Gov’t To Post Her & Her Colleagues Because Life Has Become Very Unbearable

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A young Ghanaian nurse could not hold back her tears as she begged the government to at least post her and her colleagues.

She spoke in a recent interview with UTV and in the interview, she got emotional to the point that she shed tears.

Watch the video below;

Some reactions the post got are;

@KaylebMawuko – As she dey vote she no think She go bleed pass As dem go IMF die33 embargo on employment Nti she go make beans pass

@__costy – Sad thing is the newly posted staff nurses and midwives had not be paid for 3 months

@Kingsherry34 – If govt is not posting u,y don’t u apply for work at the private hospital? I Know lot of people who r working at private hospital.

@GbaligonR – Very sad but you can’t also eat your cake and have it. 99% of them chose alawa and calipo over building of hospitals for permanent jobs. 2 more to do more🤷‍♂️

@Cuddles51004042 – I know I’m not supposed to be laughing but I just couldn’t hold it in😅😂😂💔😅. Charley tears won’t solve this country’s problems

@NanaOSSgh – I remember the day you nurses jubilated cos you received allowances over permanent employment. Next time you meet a 419 person, look at his head well.

@KnnKwabena – I am not being insensitive but you see, in this life, you can’t eat your cake and have it. @JDMahama was building health facilities to employ them, they opted for allowances, a short-term gratification. Here they are, crying for what they rejected.


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