Ghana Tourism Authority And Kirani Ayat Resolve Matters Pertaining To His Copyright Encroachment Case

Ghanaian artiste, Kirani Ayat, has confirmed that he and his management team have settled the copyright encroachment dispute with the Ghana Tourism Authority.

Kirani Ayat.

On Monday, October 31, 2022, the ‘Guda’ hitmaker, at last addressed the general public about his elongated disagreement with the Ghana Tourism Authority. He issued a public press proclamation on his Twitter account.

The visual extras from Mr. Ayat Maqwam, also known as Kirani Ayat’s “Guda” content material, were used by the Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA) without his consent, which he found out about on September 27, 2022.

Starting from 2019, these pictures have been vigorously utilized by GTA in the formation of various travel industry related campaigns, the association hinted.

“We’re relieved to report that the parties have settled their dispute amicably,” a section of the statement indicated.

Moving forward, Ayat and GTA have agreed to join forces to work hand-in-hand on different projects with the shared objective of placing Ghana on an international map, with their amazing human assets, and their dynamic human potential, to the rest of the world.

Kirani Ayat.

Ayat is thankful to everybody in Ghana who has extended their warm support and well wishes. The release of his new album project, called, ‘Aisha’s Sun’, has been publicized.

On Twitter, Kirani Ayat scrutinized the Ghana Tourism Authority for using pictures from his track “Guda”, without consenting him, in a government-oriented scheme for the president of the country.

Kirani Ayat, who was displeased to see his work utilized without authorization, said that he had put in cash into making the film, without any other person’s assistance and that he had not been compensated for its utilization.

Certain individuals have asserted that sections of the new tourist disseminated film were unrightfully taken, nonetheless, the Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA), has refused to concede to that fact.

The government enabled branch, said in a news discharge that the video Kirani Ayat professes to have, was lawfully authorized from a creation company in 2019.

Kirani Ayat’s statement release.

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