Ghana abandoned plans on building an Olympic stadium

Ghana sports

Ghana has abandoned plans to construct an Olympic Sports Complex to have the All-African Games in 2023, as per a Parliament articulation on Thursday.

The report said the nation’s Youth and Sports Minister Mustapha Ussif revealed to Parliament that instead of complete another office at Borteyman close to the eastern port city of Tema, the nation would redesigned the neglected stadium at the University of Ghana in front of the Games.

The minister in his statement said that, this change in plan is due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The initial plan was to construct an Olympic Stadium complex at Borteyman, but unfortunately, this plan cannot materialize due to the onset of COVID-19, – The Sports Minister

After careful study of the timelines, the ministry, in consultation with the local organizing committee, adopted a hybrid approach to leverage existing facilities at the University of Ghana and put up other auxiliary facilities required for hosting the Games,” he added.

The sports minister, then assured parliament that, the ministry will put all the available infrastructure in the right shape for the Games.

He added, “Ghana remains committed to hosting the 2023 Games and would utilize new facilities and renovate others for the competition.”

Ghana will host to 54 participating nations and regions in the 13th All-African Games in 2023. Enditem