Geraldo Rivera and the Twitter Controversy

Geraldo Rivera Twitter Controversy What Happened

Geraldo Rivera

In November 2017, Geraldo Rivera backed away from his controversial tweets about sexual harassment in the workplace. Afterward, he apologized and resigned from the program. Rivera, who has worked in the news industry since the 1970s, also received a Peabody Award before going on the national stage. His estimated net worth is $20 million.

The tweets were not well received. Many Fox News viewers criticized Rivera on Twitter, and some called for his termination from the show. It’s worth remembering that Rivera’s tweets did not represent the views of the network. Nonetheless, he was a friend of Donald Trump, and the tweets were not well-received by his viewers.

Rivera has a strong understanding of the First Amendment and is a graduate of law school. His tweet criticized Facebook and the fact that the company banned Donald Trump’s tweets and said that Facebook “is full of s–t.” Despite Rivera’s legal expertise, Facebook’s ban of Donald Trump’s account was clearly a violation of freedom of speech.

Rivera was once a war correspondent for Fox News. In 2003, he was embedded with the U.S. Army’s 101st Airborne Division. During one live broadcast, he drew a map in the sand, revealing the location and time of an upcoming operation. It was an extremely risky decision, as it put his life at risk.

In a moment of crisis, Geraldo Rivera shook the conservative world. After the horrific shooting at San Bernardino, he went off topic by tweeting about gun violence. It is not uncommon for Republicans to tread lightly around the issue, particularly when the NRA exerts so much influence on Capitol Hill. Yet, in a campaign about the president, few of them mentioned the NRA’s influence on gun control.

In another instance, a conservative political commentator, James Rosen, was caught up in the controversy. In a bizarre interview with Rivera, Rosen alleged that the former White House intern, Monica Lewinsky, had an affair with a man in a Beverly Hills hotel bungalow.

It is not clear whether the alleged affair occurred in the bungalow or at another location. However, both parties involved denied the allegations.


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