Genshin Impact The Exile World Questline guide

The Exile is a Genshin Impact World Questline containing two tasks that are timed to take place over the course of two actual days. In Aaru Village, it might be approved without any specific requirements.

A Gifted Rose, a time-gated quest chain that describes the efforts to make Golden Roses grow in the desert, can be unlocked after completing this one.

How to complete The Exile: Sprouting Sumeru World Quest in Genshin Impact

You can locate an NPC named Sabbah in Aaru Village if you go to the location highlighted in the image below. When you do, a scene of a young girl named Ziyad singing about a golden rose will appear, and Sabbah will start speaking to you.

Sabbah will ask you to fertilize the seedlings in the three flower pots surrounding her when you have finished speaking with her. To finish the World Quest, just apply Dendro to the flower pots in any arrangement.

How to complete The Exile: Blooming Sumeru World Quest in Genshin Impact

After finishing The Exile: Sprouting, wait until the server resets or one real-time day has passed before visiting Sabbah in Aaru Village and speaking with her. 

Speak with her once more after the conversation to start the subsequent phase of the questline. To finish the World Quest, you only need to apply Dendro to the three flower pots in any sequence.

But before you go, have one last conversation with Sabbah, using the first dialogue choice, “This is a Sumeru Rose that I picked.” Give her one Sumeru Rose so that the task is accomplished. By doing this, a brand-new questline named A Gifted Rose will be instantly unlocked and will take five real-time days to complete.


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