Genevieve Nnaji Makes First Public Appearance Months After She Purportedly Struggled With Mental Issues

Genevieve Nnaji has been spotted openly for the first time in public after months of going off the radar. The outstanding Nollywood star was recently seen giving a speech at an event in Abidjan, looking well and fit.

The Nigerian producer, director, and renowned actress addressed participants at the 2022 Creative Africa Nexus about the worth of the movie industry to the development of Africa.

To advance worldwide development and trade in the imaginative and cultural fields, the Creative Africa Nexus united a portion of Africa’s most splendid inventive minds, corporate and political pioneers, legislators, and logical pioneers.

Back in May, it was reported that the veteran actress has been residing in the U.S, whiles going through treatment for her supposed condition.

Nigerian celebrity news blogger, Stella Dimoko Korkus, affirmed the news on her official Instagram page, but has however denied reports that Miss Nnaji’s supposed condition is connected to drugs.

She posted this written note of insight back in May, 2022, stating;

“Nollywood actress Genevieve Nnaji needs love and prayers to overcome what she is going through and not breaking news to allege that she is down becos of drugs overuse. OMG THIS IS SO WRONG

So if someone is down it automatically means they took drugs? Would a real nurse who works in the US where the law works st#pidly come out to confirm such sensitive info riddled with lies instead of protecting by keeping quiet?”

Whoever you are I pray you lose your license to practice any kind of nursing. It is not everything that is sensational, please. Pray for Genevieve to come out of what she is going through and may God forgive those of you who are already slamming her online.”

It is a huge relief, knowing with every sense of positivity that the legendary Nigerian movie actress stands tall in health, shape and form , coupled with an ever lively personality, that will send her fans and admirers yearning for appreciation, gratitude, and joy.

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