Funny face’s suicidal note to the general public breaks the internet and causes a stir

Funny face has hit the internet with some serious and harsh messages to the general public and some key industry players in the entertainment space.

Funny face is now known as one of the few entertainers who are battling depression, but in Funny face’s case, things are gradually becoming worse. Depression is one of the things that can make one’s life if care is not taken.

Mostly, people say they are depressed for saying sake but what many people don’t know is that depression is more serious than what we think. When a person is depressed, he or she is affected mentally and is unable to make very good and healthy or sound decisions.

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Most of the depressed individuals who have not been able to receive immediate help have done some very harmful things to themselves. Most of Funny face’s colleagues in the movie industry came to his aid and he promised to be sober and try his best to receive medical attention.

But in the past few hours, Funny face has attacked many personalities for little or absolutely no reason. The reason why he is cursing and insulting these persons is mostly because of things he claims they have done to him.

But from the reasons and excuses he is giving, it can only be blamed on a higher level of depression. Funny face has made a comment and a post to his Instagram page and other social media pages.

The post is a post where he threatened to end the life of his children’s mother and end his life. He also added that by noon, he will be gone and no more. He started by speaking about his kids and this has really gotten the attention it surely deserves.

Funny face is trending number one on Twitter and on other social media apps. The security agencies have been asked to come to his aid immediately before we hear of bad news just as he has promised.

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