Fraud boy recruits girlfriend to scam ‘client’ with a fake accent


A fraud boy had to recruit his girlfriend to help him scam a client he had got.

The fraud boy’s girlfriend, who had locally acquired a foreign accent, came in handy whenever he had to communicate with most of the men he was scamming on dating sites.

Usually, he poses as a lady and whenever it was time for him to communicate with the men, he relies on his girlfriend to do the talking.

A video has emerged of one of the sessions where the lady was in a conversation with the supposed “client”. She tried so well to act and to speak just like one US lady.

Her boyfriend held the phone as he communicated with the unsuspecting ‘white client with the ultimate aim of convincing and subsequently scamming him of his money.

Using fake accents is one of the many strategies online fraudsters use to scam their unsuspecting victims.

Although there are cybercrime checks to minimize the phenomenon, it has not yielded much as the high cost of living worsened by poverty has pushed the youth into using such dubious means to seek wealth.

Check Out The Video Below:


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