A female student kills herself after her teachers seized her phone

A female student kills herself after her teachers seized her phone

Shraddha Satheesh, a student at Amal Jyothi College in Kanjirappally, Kottayam, India, committed herself in her college dormitory after her phone was stolen by her professors.

Students at the Amal Jyothi Engineering College in Kanjirappally, Kerala, staged a significant protest against the college administration on Tuesday, June 6, in response to Satheesh’s puzzling death, which was discovered hanging in her dormitory room on Friday, June 2, in the late hours.

The protesting students said that the college administration’s seizure of Sradha’s phone and other acts of mental abuse drove her to commit suicide.

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Students condemned the college management and demanded a probe into Sradha’s inexplicable death. They appeared to blame the tragedy on the college administration and even chastised the police for their sluggish reaction.

According to accounts, the college administration instructed the students to leave the dormitory on June 6, but they resisted and continued their demonstrations throughout campus. The activists have made it quite clear that they will not leave campus until the deceased student is brought to justice.

They claim that the instructors blamed Sradha for her poor grades and that the administration even confiscated her phone because she used it in the lab, and they have sought the dismissal of the dormitory warden and the head of the food technology department.

Additionally, they claimed that police, acting on management’s orders, had used excessive force against the students. The pupils also told television networks that the administration reportedly used derogatory language against them.

“All this is happening after we were told yesterday that there will be a discussion between the management, student representatives and a government representative regarding the various allegations and demands raised by us,” a student said.

Witnesses claim that the Amal Jyothi Engineering College’s Head of the Department (HoD) called Sraddha into his office, where she allegedly received a scolding.

She soon confided in her pals, indicating that the encounter had a significant impact on her. According to reports, she shared her general frustration with life and her suicidal ideas with her friends.

On the day of the incident, she arrived at the hostel room but said nothing to anybody else. The college administration was accused by the students of trying to cover up the entire episode.

Meanwhile, the girl’s relatives claimed that the teacher’s psychological abuse caused the girl to kill herself. The girl’s relatives also charged the college administration with purposefully not taking her to the hospital.

Her father informed Asianet News, citing her college friends, that the department head at Amal Jyothi Engineering College spoke to his daughter after taking her phone and harassing her.


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