Fella Makafui Fires Back At Her Critics – Shows Them The Middle Finger As She Reacts To Talks Of Her Indecent Dressing

Given the manner of behavioral pattern displayed, it may seem that Fella Makafui is unperturbed by the hostile set of remarks and reactions thrown her way on social media, due to the rampant level of uncultured fashion style adopted by the female personality.

For the past few weeks, Fella Makafui has made two controversial public appearances, dressed in clothing that numerous cybersurfers have considered to be inappropriate.

The actress on her first account, appeared in public, looking physically exposed when she went to the Wizkid Live in Ghana Show, wearing tights that were totally transparent.

Aftet a short time frame, she was seen wearing yet another questionable outfit, while attending a show her husband, Medikal, performed.

From that point forward, she has been tagged for being a negative force of influence, with her taste of dressing style, in a way that is rather unrecommended for the overall boost of her business.

Responding to folks who haven’t shied away from expressing their total dislike of her fashion style, Makafui has affirmed that she is uninterested in the opinion of her critics.

By means of her Instagram page, she sends forth her reply to naysayers with an immediate and strong message.