Fantana talks about getting married and having kids

Men are wicked and I don’t trust then – Fantana

Ghanaian female musician Fantana disclosed in an interview her perception about marriage and having children at large.

Fantana said men are full of deceit and having children is full of work and she can’t devote her time on taking care of kids.

“I don’t trust anyone because men are wicked (laughs). I haven’t personally experienced it, but my friends have. I won’t even allow it. That is why I have tattooed on my chest ‘trust no one.”

“I always have it at the back of my mind that it will end in tears. I don’t go all out, but maybe the right person will come along and I will trust someone.

“I don’t believe in marriage, but maybe one day I will. I don’t want kids either, but maybe I am still young, so as I grow, my mind will change, but for now, no,” she affirmed.

“I can take care of people’s kids, but I will go drop them off at 9. I don’t know, but just too much responsibility. Pregnancy is a lot of work. Maybe I will just have one,” she said.

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