Failing is Not An Option For My Music Career – Hajia 4Real

Ghanaian businesswoman and socialite, Hajia 4Real who is now known as Mona 4Real has spoken some words into his music career.

Hajia 4Real or Mona 4Real has been one of the most promising female musicians in Ghana. She started her music career with so many good songs and now she is growing a massive fanbase in Ghana and its neighboring countries.

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Music Career

Ghanaians have welcomed and accepted Mona 4Real into the industry with so much love. She has dropped a couple of songs that are doing well on the streaming platforms. Hajia said she’s here to stay as she’s putting in more work into her craft.

“The thing is that a lot of work has gone into my craft so failing is not an option, I am more focused than ever and I just started. Let me thank all the event organizers who saw my works and gave me opportunities to grace their stages, I am very very grateful.

“If there is anything that this has taught me, it is not to give up, to keep going and when you have that attitude, the sky will only be your starting point. From the onset, people were unsure if I meant business or if it was going to be a one-off thing but I believe that with time, they have realized that I am in this for good,” she told Graphic Showbiz recently.

Mona 4Reall, real name Mona Montage, said she now felt like she is now part of the music industry. “I feel like a part of the industry; as I said earlier, we are working, I am giving my fans what they want and we are winning. The goal for me is to win and contribute my quota to the music industry and I will say I am getting there.


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