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Enoch Adu Kofi talks about how Cristiano Ronaldo dashed him 2 jerseys

Former Malmo FF midfielder Enoch Adu Kofi opens up on how Cristiano Ronaldo gifted him two jerseys

Former Ghanaian International Enoch Adu Kofi opens up on how Cristiano Ronaldo came looking for him in the dressing room to dash him two jerseys.

The Former Malmo FF midfielder disclosed that he didn’t know how to ask the Portuguese for his jersey so he waited for a player to be injured just to take advantage of it.

“At Malmo, we played Real Madrid in the Champions League. A player was down injured so I approached Ronaldo and asked for his jersey but after the game I didn’t see him again. I was in the dressing room, he came to look for me and gave me two jerseys” Enoch Adu Kofi on Angel TV

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