EPL Round 1 results and Round 2 fixtures

The English Premier League has started and as usual, there are expectations from all the clubs. Unlike last season where the coronavirus pandemic could not allowed the fans to cheer up their teams during the league, this year the fans are all expected to cheer up their teams during all the matches.

Some of the matches have already taken place and it seems the arrival of the fans have given the teams much confidence and they needed support. It could be identified that almost all the big teams have started very well as they win their first matches.

At the end of the last season thus 2020/2021 season, Manchester City won the English Premier League with 86 points. Manchester United placed second with 74 points. Liverpool was next with 69 points and the reigning Champions League winner and Super Cup winner Chelsea followed as fourth with 67 points.

Statistics show that after the 2020/2021 season the Manchester City who happens to be the champions had 83 goals in all. Manchester United who also placed second after the league also placed second as far as goals are concerned with 73 goals. Tottenham, third with 68 goals and Liverpool fourth with 68 goals. The champions of Europe had 58 goals.

Rating top players; Harry Kane from Tottenham led the goal scoreboard with a good 23 goals. Mohamed Salah who is a Liverpool player was next to Harry Kane with 22 goals. Bruno Fernandes from Manchester United took home 18 goals. It is clear that Harry Kane has the most assists and followed by Bruno Fernandes.

Round One Results

Brentford 2-0 Arsenal

Manchester United 5-1 Leeds

Burnley 1-2 Brighton

Chelsea 3-0 Crystal Palace

Everton 1-0 wolves

Watford 3-2 Aston Villa

Norwich 0-3 Liverpool

Newcastle 2-4 West Ham

Tottenham 1-0 Man City

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Round Two Fixtures

Saturday 21st August 2021

Liverpool — Burnley (11:30 )

Aston Villa — Newcastle (14:00)

Leeds — Everton (14:00)

Crystal Palace — Brentford (14:00)

Manchester City — Norwich (14:00)

Brighton — Watford (16:00)

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Sunday, 22nd August, 2020

Southampton— Manchester United (13:00)

wolves —Tottenham (13:00)

Arsenal — Chelsea (15:30)

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Monday, 23rd August 2021

West Ham — Leicester City (19:00)