Didn’t You Learn Anything From Hushpuppi’s Case? – Netizen Crucifies Hajia4Real Over Her Actions After Getting Arrested

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Ghanaian socialite, singer and social media influencer, Mona Montrage, prominently known as Hajia 4 Real, has been severely lambasted for being dumb following her capture in the United Kingdom.

As per a netizen, he was generally mostly certain, hopefully not by mistake, that Hajia was a brilliant young lady, however, her recent series of actions indicates she’s truly dumb like a pile of rocks.

Mona was recently entangled in a criminal scandal, that resulted to her getting arrested in the United Kingdom, which she had visited for an event, which was the Ghana Music Awards UK.

Hajia remained behind after the event was over, for an extended number of days to have some good times before later being captured when she was preparing to head back.

As per reports, she’s been captured for fraud related dealings in the US, a couple of years back.

Notwithstanding, sources from her domain firmly remain vocal, insisting that she wasn’t captured for fraudulent activities, instead she was basically taken into custody for having dollars she neglected to clear.

Responding to her capture, a cybersurfer said they thought Hajia was a savvy young lady, however her recent behavior demonstrate the exact opposite.

The fan asked why Hajia would visit the UK and be throwing around cash, with other related wealth accessories when she knows she’s a wanted person of interest in the States.

Look at the post beneath…

A Netizen lambats Hajia4Real for acting irresponsibly.

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