Did Lamora Williams Go To Jail After Murdering her sons?

Did Lamora Williams Go To Jail After Murdering her sons?

Who Is Lamora Williams

Lamora Williams was a 24-year-old single mother of four children in 2017. She is accused of putting her two youngest children in an oven and turning it on sometime between midnight on October 12th and 11 p.m. on October 13th.

Did Lamora Williams Go To Jail?

Why Lamora Williams Killed her Two Sons

In 2018, Lamora Williams was charged with murder. The judge in this case asked her relatives what they believed about whether or not she was the murderer. Her family was convinced she was the perpetrator.

Lamora was charged with murder, lying to 911 dispatchers, aggravated assault, and concealing a death. She was also accused of abuse to Jameel, her 3-year-old son. Her three-year-old son was present when his brothers were killed.

According to the pathologist, the youngsters had no fractured bones or signs of blunt force trauma. The boys were not burned, but the electric oven did cause them harm. Officers suspected Lamora used the electric range to disguise the method of murder.

It’s unknown whether Williams was convicted or not. There has been no further development in this case, and her name does not appear in the Georgia Department of Corrections inmate search.

According to her mental condition, I don’t think the court found her competent to stand trial. If my assumptions were correct, Lamora Williams would have been admitted to a psychiatric facility or hospital to treat her mental condition.

For the boy’s burials, local funeral homes came forward for help. Jameel Penn, the father of the kids, created a GoFundMe page to raise money for the rest of the kids. Now he only has to take care of the kids.

His brother will never see his brother’s face again due to Lamora’s mental state.

SOURCE: www.ghnewslive.com