Delay’s Gripping Past Relationship Experiences Brought To Light

For the subsequent time, in what appears to be a possible elongation of verbal exchanges between two former friends, Afia Schwarzenegger has taken a punch at female entrepreneur and media character, Delay in an Instagram capture that has circulated around the web.

You might recollect that seven days prior, Delay urged young ladies to assume responsibility for their own lives and not stress themselves a lot in whatever they attempt to do in order to quickly climb up the social ladder.


Afia Schwarzenegger, who apparently was once Delay’s friend and confidant, has placed her under a microscope for teaching about profound quality of life, out in the open whiles partaking in wrongful acts behind closed doors, and this analysis is imprinted on the back of her discourse.

She has alleged that Delay, is the direct opposite of all that she upholds because she, at the end of the day, was already restless to be the mistress of a politician and furthermore, endeavored so vigorously to be the spouse of a footballer.

In a lengthy Instagram post pointed toward unveiling the radio and television character, Afia Schwarzenegger did not merely excuse her egocentric discourse, but she also uncovered that she had an instrumental impact in thrusting Delay’s confidence.

As per Afia Schwarzenegger, Delay deserted her Dansoman home and moved in with her sweetheart Kobby, who was at that point, 22 years of age, in Emef Estate, since she was so overwhelmed by envy.

She said that Kobby mistreated Delay since she was so keen on his monetary assets, specifically his car.

By exerting unnecessary pressure on young ladies, as well as other ladies in the showbiz industry, Delay purposefully drove around town in Kobby’s auto, just to cause a stir of heightened emotions.

As a due recap, Deloris Frimpong Manso, prevalently known as “Delay”, is a business person, TV and public broadcast anchor, producer, public speaker and a driving force for Female Empowerment in Ghana. She is currently in her early 40s, and yet to settle down with a man on a marital basis.

Peruse the screen capture beneath to know more;

Afia Schwarzenegger’s comments made in light of Delay’s moral life proclamation.

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