Deborah Jennifer Stern Biography: Education, Career, Parents, Early Life & More

Deborah Jennifer Stern Biography: Education, Career, Parents, Early Life

Howard Stern has spent much of his career as a radio and television personality surrounded by controversy. Despite being one of the most talked-about individuals in the media, his family, particularly his children from his first marriage, has received little attention.

While the oldest have dabbled in the entertainment industry in their younger years, all of them have managed to shun the scene entirely.

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Deborah Jennifer Stern Biography

Deborah Jennifer Stern Biography: She is Howard’s second daughter, and has remained one of the most discreet of all, with only a few media appearances. So, how much do we know about her? Let us investigate.

Deborah Jennifer Stern Childhood

Deborah Stern was born on May 9, 1986, and is best known as Howard Stern’s daughter. She is an American citizen. Deborah grew up in New York with her older sister Emily Beth and her younger sister Ashley Jade.


Deborah has gained a degree in humanitarian services. She has  done a Ph.D. as an ‘Independent Education Consultant.’In addition to this, Jennifer has also attained a degree in MAT from the University Of Chicago Pennsylvania. And a Ph.D. in Reading, Writing, and Literacy from the University of Pennsylvania. She seems too brilliant in her studies.

Deborah’s Family and Personal life

Everyone is familiar with Howard Stern and Alison Berns, two well-known Hollywood personalities. Is anyone aware of Deborah’s relationship with them? To quench your thirst, she is the middle child of ex-couple Howard Stern and Alison Berns.

Howard Stern is a well-known broadcaster, actor, writer, and radio personality. He has made his impact on the entertainment sector. He is known as the “King of All Media.”

Alison Berns is a former actress from the United States. 

She grew to prominence more because of her marriage to Howard Stern than because of her job. 

The former actress is well-known for her work in films such as “US Open Stores (1988),” “Private Parts (1997),” and “Negligee and Underpants Party (1988).”

Howard and Alison were once a perfect couple in the profession. 

However, things did not go well between them, and their 23-year partnership ended in 2001.

Deborah’s elder sister Emily Stern is an actress who rose to fame following her dedication towards her career. Emily Stern is innovative and talented just like her father Howard. The actress has acted in movies like Remember Me released in 2017 and The Elevator Game in 2015. Furthermore, she turned into a singer with her first album ‘Birthday’ launched on October 23, 2013.

Ashley Jade, Deborah’s younger sister, is solely known as the daughter of Howard and Alison. She keeps her personal life quiet, and little is known about her.

Deborah Jennifer spent her time with her two sisters and mother after her parents divorced. When her parents divorced, Deborah Jennifer was stressed and worried. The abrupt parting jolted her. But she didn’t give up on relationships. She is currently married to Colin Christy, her long-term boyfriend.


Deborah tried walking in the footsteps of her parents but couldn’t succeed. Deborah pursued her acting with an appearance in a single episode of the show called Parker Lewis Can’t Lose. She also played minor roles in the movies like For the Boys (1991), Nudist Colony of the Dead (1991), and Wide Awake in 1998. She didn’t gain much fame from her acting.

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