Date Rush Season 6: Many young men and beautiful ladies crowded TV3 premises for audition and screening [Video]

Date Rush Season 6

Finally, the audition and screening for Date Rush Season 6 have begun and there was a massive crowd at the premises of TV3.

Date Rush season 6 is about to hit your screens as the organizers of the show are now doing the auditions to pick the best-fit people for the new season of the popular love and matchmaking reality show, the Date Rush began today at the premises of TV3. witnessed hundreds of young men and beautiful ladies at the premises of TV3, all the seats available at the forecourt of Media General were occupied as many people were waiting with bated breath to be screened and auditioned for the show.

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Now there has been this debate about Date Rush Show being the most-watched and rated entertainment and reality show on TV in Ghana as at now, this has made many youths eager to either search for love or fame on the show.

The Date Rush platform is very big in Ghana and it doesn’t help people find love but also gives every participant a leap to fame and stardom. Former participants in the Date Rush show have gone on to make names for themselves following the experience and exposure the show gave them.

Now people are expecting the new or upcoming to be bigger, better, and greater with the number of interested participants increasing tenfolds.

Anita Akufo did well by at least getting closer to some prospective participants and asking some questions which revealed how upbeat they have been to be part of TV3’s Date Rush show.

The motivation might be different, but the numbers are incredible as each one looks forward to making it to the main show.

Watch the video below,

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