Date Rush: Bella Is Chopping Love With Another Man On IG, This Is Not Kofi Kodark

Date rush has been exciting on Tv3, there had been happy moments for most of the contestants and others are also yet to get what they went there for. The most recent news about Date Rush was Fatima getting her date after several weeks of being on the show.

Now the trending news or the new news in town is about Bella, who is known to be one of the most controversial people who have been on Date Rush right from day one.

Most Ghanaians know that Bella got her Date Kofi Kodark some months ago, now after that night, Bella came out to outline things that makes her think Date Rush is fake and people shouldn’t pay attention with their emotions.

Date Rush: Bella Is Chopping Love With Another Man On IG, This Is Not Kofi Kodark

There was also a rumor about her breakup with Kofi Kodark after some days of their date which they both came out with lovely post to tell Ghanaians that they are still together, now the internet and media space has been quiet for a while about Bella and her Date Kofi. has been following Bella and Kofi on social media for some time now, and what he saw yesterday was something that suggest that Bella and Kodark are no more dating or they are probably not together anymore.

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Bella posted a Nigerian Musician on her Instagram account and the caption she gave is something lovely which makes us think she is now dating this Nigerian or they are just doing that to promote the guy. Kindly see the image below and Judge by yourself 👇👇

bella date rush

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