“Confused” – I Mistakenly Sent My “Nude Pic” To My Pastor Instead Of My Boyfriend And He Replied


A confused lady narrates how she Mistakenly Sent her “Nude Pic” to her Pastor Instead of her Boyfriend and His Reply.

Life can be very frustrating especially if you want to show love to the one your heart yearns for. One mistake made can turn your life around.

Now let dive into the story of Dora a 23-year-old lady who mistakenly sent her nude picture to her pastor and the surprising reply she got.

I just completed high school recently and I'm in a very serious relationship with my guy and I'm praying it should later turn to be married. I love my guy very well and I could anything just to make her feel good. Unfortunately, we don't live in the same neighborhood and it take months before we could see each other. That can be frustrating sometimes.
After three months in the relationship, we decide to meet each other at a popular restaurant and believe me, we had a very good time. We spent three days together going for outings and attending a lot of programs in town. Also, I'm a devoted Christian who also sings very well at church. 
Everyone in the church knows that I'm very self-centered. Even though we might be in the same church, it becomes very difficult to communicate with my fellow members. Here likes the case my pastor has also been ringing praises about me each and every time.
I'm in a serious dilemma right now and don't know what to do at the moment. I took a partially nude picture and my initial plan was to send it to my boyfriend but it later landed in the hand of my pastor who bears the same name as my boyfriend. 
Before I could realize it has ticked blue and my battery died down at the moment. It was such a frustrating incident indeed.
My boyfriend too was expecting that picture at the same moment and now I don't know if I should tell him I sent the picture to my pastor rather instead to him. I thought my pastor would be scolding me after he saw the picture, he rather sent a kiss emoji and that has left me confused and astonished.

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