Clementina’s Father States His Terms And Conditions Applicable For Pardoning Black Sherif

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Black Sherif’s hyper thrusted fame and global recognition status as a young Ghanaian act is not devoided of scandal, past troubles, or looming repercussions from his life’s success.

Black Sherif & his late ex-girlfriend, Clementina.

Upon his international acclaim of stardom and relevance, the rapper has been submerged into a prolonged degree of verbal and emotional exchanges with particularly, the father of his ex-girlfriend, Clement Kofi Adu, whose main issue with Black Sherif emanates from his supposed attitude of disregard and ridicule towards his late daughter.

For the past couple of days, it has become public knowledge that the father of the late Clementina Konadu, known as Clement Kofi Adu, has launched a propelled attack on Black Sherif, over the death of his dear daughter.

According to the grieving father of Clementina, Black Sherif might have had a hand in the death of his late daughter, and he as a concerned father, will stop at nothing until he does right by his late daughter.

However, things have taken an unsuspected turn, as the angered father of Clementina, suddenly changed his course of decision, indicating that the only thing that can make him feel somewhat at ease, is if Black Sherif renders him and the grieving family of Clementina, a profuse statement of apology.

Furthermore, he (Clement), would like to understand what Black Sherif’s genuine connection was to his late daughter. A condition he admits would make things bearable for him, as a grieving father.

Mr. Clement Kofi Adu Bofuor says that he, as well, requests a clarification for Black Sherif’s adaptation and utilization of his late daughter’s name in a song, for purposes of making money off of her demise and tragedy.

Clementina’s dad told a video blogger situated in Kumasi, Ghana, named Abro, that he intends to handle Black Sherif should he fail to give him sensible clarifications for his actions with respect to Clementina’s memory.

“I am human. If he gives a sensible explanation, I’ll consider it. After all, we are all humans. But if it doesn’t make sense, I’ll put him through whatever he deserves because my daughter was underage,” he warned.

Black Sherif.

As an update, the tune “Oh Paradise” from Black Sherif’s debut album, ‘The Villian I Never Was’, was dedicated to only Clementina and no other person.

She was his remarkable first love, and the melody was about how her misfortune affected him, and how it still does, until the end of time.

Mr. Clement Kofi Adu, in the moment of listening to Black Sherif’s Album, was nearly brought to tears, whiles considering the song’s essence, significance, and artistic meaning.

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