China does not encourage illegal mining – Chinese Ambassador

by Emmanuel Egyir
The Chinese Ambassador to Ghana, Mr. Lu Kun has revealed that the Chinese government will not tolerate the participation of Chinese in the illegal mining (Galamsey)

Paying a courtesy call on the Minister of Lands and Natural Resources, Mr. Samuel Abu Jinapor, the Chinese ambassador to Ghana recognized that “Every country has its laws and should therefore protect its environment. This is very important.” He also said that the government did not authorize or endorse the methods of some Chinese and others in mining.

He said: “They [Chinese illegal miners in Ghana] were neither organized by the Chinese government nor the embassy. They come by themselves.” Even though the Chinese government didn’t endorse the bad methods of mining by some Chinese, the Chinese government would support the government of Ghana to protect the environment.

The Ambassador also showed worry that some of the Chinese participating in illegal mining (Galamsey). He also noted that these illegal miners are allegedly doing so because they enjoyed the cooperation of some local assemblies and chiefs. This was the problem. “this is the root and the problem.” he said. He also added assuring to help the Ghana government “So, we agree that our government should cooperate in dealing with this illegal mining,” he stated.

The ambassador also stressed that the Chinese government would try to control its nationals coming into the country to practice unlawful ways of mining, He also urged the Ghana government to tighten the country’s borders to prevent people from entering Into the country to engage in illegal mining (Galamsey).

Talking about the support Ghana gets from China, he said “The Chinese government will pay them to let them study and pay for their stay in China. At this moment, Ghana has 6,070 citizens living and studying in China to get their degrees.”

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