Chichi Neblett: My Ex Used To Beats Me Because Of Shatta Wale And Adebayor

Chichi Neblett
Chichi Neblett

Chichi Neblett has vowed not to date any young guy again because her ex-boyfriend used to beat her for speaking with Shatta Wale and Adebayor.

Chichi Neblett, an actress, has stated why she does not want to date young men, sharing her story of getting beaten by her ex because of Shatta Wale and Adebayor.

Chichi Neblett described her experience with a young boy in an online video, and because the outcome of that relationship wasn’t really nice, she vowed not to date young males again because they are full of difficulties and immature.

According to her, her ex-boyfriend used to beat her anytime she spoke with Shatta Wale because he suspected she was having an affair with the dancehall musician, even when Shatta Wale called to reassure him that there was no affair between them.

Things worsened when her ex-boyfriend discovered she was communicating with Adebayor, which landed her in the hospital and forced her to leave the relationship and never date a young guy again since they’re full of trouble.


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