Celebrity Is An English Word. Wendy Shay Defines Who’s A Celebrity To COP Kofi Boakye

Wendy Shay

Wendy Shay Boldly Defines Who’s A Celebrity To COP Kofi Boakye

Self-acclaimed queen of Ghana music Wendy Addo, popularly known in the entertainment space as Wendy Shay has added her voice-over who’s a celebrity brouhaha after they met the IGP.

Wendy Shay took to her Twitter handle to boldly school COP Kofi Boakye who a celebrity who is after chit-chatting with IGP Dampare. 

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COP Kofi Boakye questioned the celebrities on their sense of entitlement and even asked them who a celebrity is, as people tag themselves as celebrities immediately, they get little fame.

“I want to say that the sense of entitlement of celebrities is becoming overwhelming and I just don’t get it. Some of the things that you do are disgusting, truth be told. If we cannot arrest pickpockets, we cannot arrest armed robbers. No one is above the law. When you fault it and the law has to deal with you, we will, so that it will deter others.

According to “Heat” hitmaker, A Celebrity is just an English word that simply means a famous person in Entertainment or Sports.

She Writes 

Celebrity is an English word, it means a famous person especially in entertainment or sports etc, but it seems some Ghanaians have their own definition for the word celebrity, somebody being famous(celebrity) to Dey pain u people ooh Dabi smh

Ghana wake up!

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