Henry Fitz Sternly Warns Serwaa Amihere For Tarnishing His Name In The Media

Serwaa Amihere is still under investigation regarding her choice to become “entangled” with Henry Fitz, a businessman from Ghana, as more evidence against her keeps coming to light.

Mr. Fitz furiously attacked Serwaa in a recent social media post, accusing her of launching a media campaign to try and damage his reputation.

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He claims that Serwaa set up phony sources close to him to give media interviews about how he lost all of his wealth and properties in order to damage his reputation and give the impression that her allegations of blackmail are more reliable.

Fitz threatened to disregard all manners and finish Serwaa if she didn’t apologize to him for those accusations.

Henry Fitz said the only person in Ghana who knows more about Serwaa than himself is her sister hence if he decides to expose her he can truly destroy her!

Fitz added that he is the last person in Ghana she wants to cross.

Check out his threats below…

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