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Young and talented professional dancer, Endurance Grand has disclosed that joining DWP has been the biggest highlight of her career and she wishes her dad had lived to see this day.

When asked what she deem her biggest highlight was careerwise, the popular Ghanaian dancer Endurance said it would definitely be her joining DWP, an academy that provides tuition to people passionate about dance.

“The biggest highlight of my career is joining DWP Academy because if I didn’t join, how will I get the highlight,” she stated.

Though one very bubbly dancer, she used the platform to share some of her lowest moments.

“When I sit down and I’m like ‘My father is not here to see where I have gotten to and for him to say I’m proud of you’, I feel sad because he was a hard guy and something like this, he’ll definitely say ‘I’m proud of you’. When I think about that sometimes, I feel down,” she shared in an interview with Giovanni Caleb on Showbiz 360.

She also shared some of the things she has learnt after she joined the Dance With Purpose Academy.

“The whole journey with DWP has been great. I’m actually grateful for each and everyone there, from the coach to the management. I give thanks to all of them because it is not just dance in DWP academy, it’s about togetherness. You learn how to talk, dress and interact with people. They’ve actually groomed me into the person I am today,” she shared.

To every parent out there having a child that wants to become a professional dancer, Endurance Grand shares some words of advice for them.

“It’s the talent of the kid. The best you can do for your kid is to support your kid no matter what. It is going to be hard sometimes. They’re going to learn to balance education and talent. The best you can do as a  parent is to make sure you are there for your kid emotionally and physically. It is very important. We need your support and just pray for your kid that they find the right path in the talent that they’ve chosen,” she admonished

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