Can Black Stars’ Budgetary Allocation Be Used To Buy Desks For Students Who Sit On Floors? – John Dumelo Queries

Ghanaian movie star, politician and agriculturist, John Dumelo, has requested that the remainder of Black Stars’ World Cup budget fund be utilized to buy desks for students in schools who sit on floors.

John Dumelo took to social media on Saturday, December 3rd, 2022, to emphasize his train of thought, following the Black Stars’ disqualification from the FIFA World Cup competition.

Ghana was defeated by 2 goals to nil by Uruguay in a poor display of what was meant to be the perfect execution of vengeance. The defeat, in addition to South Korea besting Portgual, took out both Ghana and Uruguay collectively.

Thus, despite the fact that Ghana couldn’t exact the perfect revenge, we actually got to see Suarez shed tears in torment, which, as far as consolations go, isn’t as terrible.

Before the competition, the government of Ghana made financial reservations for the team’s Group Stage appearance, with an additional spending plan to be used, in the event they excel into the next phase of the tournament.

Yet, given Ghana’s exit from the competition, Dumelo is requesting for the additional funds available, to be effectively utilized, as opposed to being spent by political entities.

Respectfully inquiring the proper authorities about the possibility of this endeavor, he asked, “The money supposed to be spent if we had qualified to the next round, can we use it to buy desks for students who still sit on the floor to learn?”

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