Bulldog Challenges The Government To Attempt Incarcerating Him

Bulldog Challenges The Government To Attempt Incarcerating Him
Akufo-Addo & Bulldog.

Bulldog Challenges The Government

Entertainment show expert and artiste director, Bulldog, has boldly charged the government authority of Ghana to endeavor placing him under arrest or indictment in light of his current contention against the concurrent administration in power.

Talking on UTV the previous evening, Bulldog, who simultaneously sounded exceptionally frustrated and angered, intensely descended on the Akufo-Addo led government, as he exploded with vigor and passion, with regards to the shambolic degree of incompetent governance, administered by the Commander In Chief of the country, and the disheartening effects his actions is having on the Ghanaian people.

Remarking on the lamentable occurrence that happened to Nana Addo at the recently finished Global Citizen Festival show, Bulldog who has in every case productively admonished the government, admitted with conviction, that Nana Addo merited the booing.

Imparting his own insight on the hooting occurrence, Bulldog verbally addressed Nana Addo for further sinking the depths of the Ghanaian economy, into a disastrous state, by destroying major industrial organizations. An action, that has plummeted the financial threshold of Ghanaians, leaving them poor and impoverished.

Bulldog Challenges The Government To Attempt Incarcerating Him

He inquired as to why we actually find it challenging to purchase prepaid power in the country, when we have an existing president who seems uninterested in the well-being of Ghanains.

He praised all individuals who booed at Nana Addo during the Global Citizen Festival show, commending them for displaying an excellent illustration, in light of the fact that Nana Addo is a disappointment, given the premise that he only gained power in his second term of office, by beguiling majority of Ghanains to secure his reign of power.

Prior to his recent outburst, Bulldog was apprehended by the National Intelligence Bureau (NIB) last year for posing as a danger to Akufo Addo.

He stated on UTV’s United Showbiz that the President won’t finish his current term, on the off chance he doesn’t pay out the unreleased assets of victimized Menzgold clients.


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