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Britney Spears feels like her dad Jamie is ‘trying to kill’ her and hopes ‘he’ll burn’ in hell.

Britney Spears feels like her dad Jamie

Britney Spears says she feels like her father Jaime is ‘Trying to kill’ her and she hopes ‘he’ll burn’ in hell with a new song she posted on Twitter on Monday.

The 40-year-old Grammy Award-winning singer, Britney Spears has 56 million followers on the platform. Aims at her father less than a year after ending his 13-year conservative chairmanship.

The …Baby One More Time artist cited a series of MRIs she had to undergo before she was taken to rehab amid her former guardianship.

‘I had three MRIs before I went there. I’m not complaining about anything. I just said I have to go it’s my father And I had no right at that time. So basically I have to go’ said.


Oh!… The I Did It Again lead singer asks why she has to undergo MRI so often when she remembers having cysts at the age of eight to check for cysts.

She said she remembers being placed in a retractable MRI machine for 30 minutes as a child. and while being a protector She was placed in an MRI machine one hour at a time.

‘To me it all doesn’t make sense – isolation, nurses, bottles of blood, constant communication,’ Spears said. She added that she thought she might not have been screened for cancer that her family and team could not. tell her about Jamie Spears left Los Angeles court in March 2008.

The Grammy Award-winning singer recently posted to Instagram.

‘It’s not true, I’m fine, I’m still alive,’ says the artist Toxic, ‘and the bottom line, the hardest thing is knowing they’re just mean people. And I felt like my father was really trying to kill me. And I hope he burns in hell.’

Spears followed up on her sentiments in a tweet, where she said she felt that people under the abusive conditions had escaped legal consequences.

‘I’m posting this for the second time today because I believe in a world where we all deserve justice!!!’ she said, adding, ’15 years in the system of sneaky harassment… JUST ENDING IT was never good enough for me. And it will never be like that!!!

Spears vented in a series of tweets on social media on Monday.

‘I was inappropriately discussed and punished for no reason at all… I believe in the consequences… I believe that I have absolutely nothing to prove about what was done to me… that is. We all know!!! when saying that The people who hurt me to such a degree just ended up not being good enough for me … They hurt me and I certainly did nothing wrong.’

Spears said she felt justice had not been ‘at all’ because ‘the court system ended two years after I told them 15 years of my abuse’.

She opened up about the punishment she hoped would be punished by her father. which is similar to the injustice she said she was facing.

She said: ‘My wish is to get my father where … get his car out … his house out … the door to privacy out … ride him 7 days a week from 8am. By 6:00 p.m. questions were asked and people treated him. It’s like scientific experience … check his diet … no phone … nurse watching him shower, get dressed … I want him to do these things for no f-king reason at all and have him call his family and they say we do not know !!!’

Spears continued: ‘I want to see California sit down and have 4 security guards at the trailer house for months telling him he can’t get out!!! I want to see how he would feel… but watch it, it won’t happen!!!’

Spears said the only benefit to her experience was that it was over. And she still confuses the irresponsibility for some people involved.

‘I don’t see how easily they can walk away and get away with what they can do to me,’ she said. ‘The world shows me and only the world wins against cruelty!!!”

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