“Blacks have benefited greatly from slavery” – Kofi Jamar

“Blacks have benefited greatly from slavery” – Kofi Jamar

Black people, in the opinion of Ghanaian artist Kofi Jamar, benefited enormously from slavery.

Kofi Jamar claimed that if his ancestors hadn’t been sold into slavery, people like Michael Jackson wouldn’t have been discovered.

Kofi Jamar sent a highly contentious tweet in which he said Black people should acknowledge how much slavery has benefited them.

Despite all the ills of the inhumane selling and buying of human beings, Kofi Jamar believes rap music, RnB and pop culture wouldn’t have been birthed if not for slavery.

Kofi Jamar

Kofi Jamar has since deleted the tweet and apologized to those it might have rubbed wrongly.

He wrote: I apologize for my tweet. My great grandfather, Prempeh the 1st was captured as a result of the colonial regime, I’ve been affected by what happened in many ways. All through The deed of slavery is wrong I can’t Deny the impact Blacks have had on the world today because of that

SOURCE: www.ghnewslive.com