Bishop Obinim Admonishes Christians To Quit Bothering God With Marital Supplications

Ghanaian preacher, Bishop Obinim, has cautioned Christians to stop disturbing God with marital prayer supplications.

Bishop Daniel Obinim, the leader and founder behind the International God’s Way Church (IGWC), has mentioned that adherents halt themselves from making specific appeals to God, particularly with regards to marriage .

Bishop Obinim
Bishop Obinim

The man of God, asserts that humanity might find solutions to specific petitions presented to God, should they look to their fellow kindred beings for help, as opposed to God.

At one of his fellowship service, Bishop Obinim, evidently made it clear to the seated congregation, as well as other external listeners of his sermon, to stop bothering God with certain sorts of prayer requests.

His basis for uttering such words to his congregation, as well as other Christians who fall in the same category of believe system, stems from his belief, that everybody has family and friends, and as such, it is ideal, to be straightforward with them, in asking for help or direction, when issues emerge in ones life.

Bishop Obinim, continued making sense of his argument, by explainig that given the fact that individuals freely engage themselves in various social and emotional activities, such as inflicting pain on one another, taking legal actions against one another, have monetary problems with one another, and getting married to one another, people in that same vein, shouldn’t have an issue, should they choose to cherish each other.

Bishop Obinim
Bishop Obinim

The preacher, believes that any kind or cause of spousal feud between married couples, is either as a result of rash, insensitive, or inconsiderate display of feelings or characteristics, on the part of either of the partners.

The man of God, once noted that in the event of troubling times or drastic situations, Christians ought to seek for their Lord and Savior, Christ, for salvation and reprieve in their life.


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