Bishop Ajagurajah Shares How To Join Ajagurajah Movement

Bishop Ajagurajah Shares How To Join Ajagurajah Movement

Bishop Ajagurajah has finally opened the door for many as he shares how to join the movement.

The founder of the Universal Spiritual Outreach, popularly known as the Ajagurajah Movement, Bishop Ajagurajah, has stated that enlisting in his “ministry” does not come with a golden spoon.

He claims that joining the spiritual religion is extremely challenging since prospective members must undergo stringent vetting to establish their legitimacy.

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Bishop Ajagurajah claimed during a drive-time appearance on Abusua FM in Kumasi that getting a membership in his movement is almost as time-consuming as getting a visa for the United States.

He said only a few people are selected after their mental and emotional capabilities are examined, adding that their allegiance to keep secrets is also highly required to be considered fully fledged members.

“Not everyone can be a member of the Ajagurajah movement. Do you see what I am wearing and what is around my neck? Look at my rings. There is a certain power in it,” he explained.

“If you are someone who cannot keep secrets and goes about talking anyhow, you cannot be a member of Ajagurajah. Everything you say in the Ajagurajah membership interview must be verified.”

The Ajagurajah Movement is a household name in Ghana owing to the controversial Bible teachings of its leader.

The name Ajagurajah means “Warrior of the highest God” and is of Hebrew origin.