Sad!!! Funeral Poster Of Beautiful Ghanaian Lady Pops Up On The Internet, Netizens React

In a sad report, the funeral poster of a beautiful Ghanaian lady has popped up on the internet causing netizens to react.

The post revealed that the beautiful lady was only 22 years old at the time of her death with her name being Oprah Tetteh.

In these reactions, one of the questions being asked is what actually happened that such a beautiful lady would lose her life.

Check out the photos below;

Some reactions from social media users are;

Dzifa Ofori – Ooooh!
May her beautiful soul rest in perfect peace

Lizer Kukua Baidoo – RIP DEAR ONE. My sincere condolences 💐 to the family

Bless Efia Borngreat – May she find peace in her journey to the darkened world. Aah kus3 w’ate!😥😒

Felicia Dzokoto – This is sad. Our heartfelt condolences to the family. Rip beautiful one

Caroline Addison – She was given a prophecy and she took it for granted, the way she can sing gospel eeerh! Very sweet voice! someone full of life ooo, hmmmm! she’s being buried already, long time

Abdul Rauf Knowledge – May Allah be pleased with her soul and count her among the dwellers of Aljannah .Ameen.

Roberta Anarfi – Eeeeeiiiiiiii Ewuradi Hu yen m)b) wai. May ur soul RIP


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