BBNaija: Amaka Finally Confronts Phyna

BBNaija housemate, Amaka has at long last spoken with Phyna about their friendship with Groovy.

Recall that Amaka accused Phyna of stealing Groovy from her, which caused their friendship to deteriorate recently. A few weeks ago, Amaka expressed interest in Groovy and asked Phyna to speak with him on her behalf. However, it seems that Groovy was more drawn to Phyna than Amaka.

As the days pass, Phyna and Groovy are progressively getting closer to one another. One of the Saturday gatherings featured the two sharing a kiss.

Amaka was incensed by this and for days wouldn’t speak to Phyna. As Amaka revealed to Phyna her emotions for Groovy, she felt betrayed. Since the incident, they have both avoided one another.

Amaka has finally come to Phyna and told her that she was upset with her because she abandoned their friendship but that she now accepts Phyna and Groovy’s love.

Amaka told Phyna: “We can now be friends after having this conversation. I just felt you did not value our friendship after I told you I liked Groovy and you went after him for yourself.

“But you deserve Groovy more because you were bold enough to go after him I’m not faulting you and don’t take this conversation like you’re bad.

“We can start on a new note as friends.”


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