Baba Sadiq Relinquishes His Role As CEO Of 3Media Networks

Sadiq Abdullah Abu, otherwise known as Baba Sadiq, has effective immediately starting from today, September 30, 2022, left his managerial seat as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of 3 Media Networks.

Baba Sadiq Relinquishes His Role As CEO Of 3Media Networks
Former CEO of 3Media Networks, Baba Sadiq.

Sadiq was the President of the organization for 5 successive years and under his initiative, the media network coordinated the 3Music Awards and began their internet based radio/television/online media empire.

Peruse his lengthy note as he declared his Acquiescence on Facebook;

“Today is officially my last working day as the CEO/MD of 3Media Networks (3Music TV) an organization I founded in 2017 and had the rare privilege to lead for 5 years,” portions of his assertion read.

“I have always lived by the creed that my work and life should ultimately benefit my industry, community and country and if later on in my life I am called upon by my people and country to serve in whatever capacity, I will not turn my back on them.”

Optimistic observers have praised the previous 3Music boss for his commitment to the development of the local media industry, adding that his sacrifice can not be neglected.

Baba Sadiq Relinquishes His Role As CEO Of 3Media Networks
Baba Sadiq.

Others asserted that he was at last redirecting his aim into governmental aspirations, following quite a while of devotion to his party, the National Democratic Congress (NDC), which is the main opposition party in the political spheres of Ghana.

He likewise fills in as an member of the NDC’s Correspondence Group on Entertainment, Arts and Culture.

In spite of the fact that Sadiq neglected to unequivocally express his next life path, portions of his statement indicated a clue.

“I believe the time has come for me to extend my quest for excellence and remarkable experience in the media industry,” Mr. Sadiq affirmed.

As of now, there are theories that seem to purport he is doing this to focus on his political goals.