VIDEO: Angelique Kidjo Reveals Why She Has So Many Enemies Around Her

Angelique Kidjo

Angelique Kidjo, 61, disclosed why she has so many haters in a recent video interview with Grammy award winner Burna Boy.

During their conversation, the five-time Grammy winner, Angelique Kidjo said that she first became aware of Burna Boy in 2011 when he sampled her popular song Wombo Lombo.

Kidjo hinted that she had enemies since she does not believe in ‘bullshit’ while showering praise on her colleague during their talk.

She said, “The first time I noticed you was when you did the Wombo Lobo. I was like, ‘who is that guy?’ You make me listen to my song differently and that is what music is. When somebody touches your work and does it differently, it takes the work to another level. It brings you somewhere else that you never foresee.”

Smiling due to the compliment, the African Giant noted that the praises were making him blush and Kidjo replied, “It is true, I don’t do bullshit. If I don’t like somebody, I tell them that I don’t like them. That is why I have so many enemies around me.”

She further commended the Wonderful singer for his stage performance saying, “One thing I wanted to tell you after your show in Paris; there is a difference between listening to an album and when you see somebody perform.

“For me, I differentiate both. You can do wonder on an album what makes you a different artiste, an artiste in whole is when you get one stage and you deliver. Some artists are able to do it in the studio but on stage it becomes impossible. But when I come to your show, I say, ‘my boy is killing them all and I am liking it.”

She further described Burna Boy as her son.