Amanda Agyapong, The Beautiful Daughter Of Kennedy Agyapong Causes Stir With New Photos

Amanda Agyapong

Amanda Agyapong is a half-Ghanaian and half-Togolese, she had dropped some pictures which are viral now; she is also based in the United States.

Kennedy Agyapong has so many daughters and Amanda Agyapong is one of the most popular among them all, she started working for Google as Internet-related services and products specialist, including online advertising technologies, a search engine, and cloud computing, software, and hardware since the year.

She started as an intern at Google’s Ann Arbor, Michigan, branch, but worked her way up to a permanent position and now a promotion.

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“I’ve got an announcement for you if you have the Reel yet.” “Your girl has been promoted,” she stated in a video posted to her Instagram account immediately after she was elevated to Google’s top position in April 2012.

Check the photos below: