Akuapem Poloo Has Finally Revealed Why She Creates Viral Videos.

Akuapem Poloo Has Finally Revealed Why She Creates Viral Videos.

Akuapem Poloo has once again been in the news after revealing why she creates viral drama content to trend.

Akuapem Poloo has explained how she makes a living by making trending videos on social media. Speaking in an interview on Hitz FM’s DayBreak, Akuapem Poloo said she is able to make ends meet because of how she plans and delivers her content to draw the attention of social media users.

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According to Poloo, who has recently changed her named to Haniya after converting to Islam, her brand on social media thrives around on drama.

“Drama has brought me this far. It helps me so much, without drama I can’t live. I get a lot from being dramatic, I get a lot of deals to sign,” she said.

She detailed that “this is because the energy I use to advertise is so dramatic, it gets people’s attention on the product and people buy it.” Admitting to staging publicity stunts, she said ‘I have indulged in social media acts that were all planned to achieve a certain goal at the time.

She said she is a breadwinner who caters for her mother and child and thus does not shy away from the job she does to earn money.

“I need the attention. I need it, it helps. The more I trend, the more my market boost, if I draw back on that it is going to worry me a lot. Whatever I do puts food on my table, that of my son and my mum. “I am the only child, I have a lot of responsibilities, so I need to work hard. Work hard as in not stealing, or doing bad things to get money, but I am just fooling on social media to get food to eat and to make my family look good and make my son look happy.“” she said.


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