After an 18-Year-Old girl married her mother’s lover, see what her mother did (Video)


Deja Haugabook is an 18-year-old lady who got married to her 61-year-old Godfather. Her mother reacts.

Deja Haugabook has released a shocking video asking people who are calling her husband a predator to mind their business because he’s her predator, not theirs.

Deja Haugabook has made it known that she’s fully grown despite being 18 and it was fully her decision to marry an older man because younger men are very confused and don’t know what they want which makes them move from one woman to another.

Deja went on to say that, all of those who are talking about her marriage should shut up and also made it known that they are only jealous of her and most of them are still living with their mothers at 18.

This story is one of the most surprising stories we have been posting on this portal, It was also known that Deja’s mother was dating Michael Haugabook who is now the husband to her young daughter.

She did a long reaction to her daughter’s marriage to her Godfather in a video.

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Deja’s mother, whose name is Davina Evans, made it clear that Michael’s children, who used to see Deja as their cousin and Godsister are now confused and don’t know whether to call her their cousin, their Godsister, or their stepmother.

She also blasted Michael for marrying her daughter, who is his Goddaughter. Swipe below to watch videos of Deja reacting and also Davina blasting her daughter’s husband, who is her ex.

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