Afia Schwarzenegger Censures Celebrities Who Rallied Behind Nana Addo For Power

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Hot-headed female Ghanaian entertainer and social media influencer, Afia Schwarzenegger, has recommended that every single celebrity who capitalized on their popularity as an influence to truly crusade for Nana Addo, ought to be lashed.

Afia Schwarzenegger.

As per the peculiar influencer, she’s an observer of the ongoing monetary difficulties spreading across the country, and has as a result, deeply regretted her decision to crusade for Nana Addo during the 2020 general election bid.

In a brief video sighted on her IG page, Afia Schwarzenegger conceded to the fact that she and the wide range of various mainstream bigwigs who were yelling ‘4more4Nana’, are guilty parties and not sufferers of Nana Addo’s ineptitude.

Disheartened Afia Schwarzenegger, strikingly called on to Nana Addo for deceiving Ghanaians, including herself and the wide range of various superstars who dedicated their time and outreach platforms to support Nana Addo in winning his subsequent term in office.

In the last section of the video, Afia Schwarzenegger, whose dismay in Nana Addo is far past salvaging, recommended that Ghanaians ought to show herself and her fellow celebrities, a harsh illustration by matching them directly to the national theater to give them a severe series of lashes, as a type of discipline for misleading them.

As opposed to other hypocritical defenders who are as yet shielding Nana Addo, Afia Schwarzenegger has strongly emerged to concede to the fact that she’s among the many individuals who drove Ghanaians into a trench during the 2020 general elections.

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