2024 Shall Surely Come Empress Gifty Says As She Shares Cryptic Post Again

by Ghnewslive

Empress Gifty has once again shown her anger on someone who has hurt her seriously but this time around it seems to have a political twist to it as she threatened the person with the next election which is in 2024.

Empress Gifty

Empress Gifty has been sharing some cryptic posts on her Instagram and from all that she shared, you could read in-between the lines that it has to do with betrayal from someone she probably trusted praying God to repay that person for the harm cost her.

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In another post, a whole new angle was introduced and this time around it has to do with politics threatening the person with the next election that is going to be held in 2024 after cursing the person and his/her entire generation.

She cursed the person to experience what she has experienced, feel the pain she has felt, and his/her entire generation will witness his/her harm adding that 2024 will surely come which means it has to do with politics.

Whatever is the reason for Empress Gifty to rant on social media like this venting her anger about something done to her on her page might be very serious especially now that there’s a whole new twist that appears to be politically backed.

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